Monday, September 13, 2010


Today there was a notice on my work's internet message board about overhead signing. Since that's my job and all, I had to read it. Here's a paraphrasing:

Many stores have questioned the fact that they received both pharmacy and Halloween signing for the store's entrance. There seems to be some consfusion as to which signs to hang.
If your store does not have a pharmacy, do not hang the pharmacy signs. For those stores with a pharmacy, hang the pharmacy signs now and replace them at the end of the month with the Halloween signs.

Really? Stores that don't have a pharmacy shouldn't hang the signs advertising the pharmacy?

Apparently enough people were confused by this that they had to issue a company-wide announcement.

This, people. This is why I need a new job.


Pea said...

I would never have known....

BTW we are totally still twins because: when I moved last year, we moved to a townhouse :o) Have fun with your move, try not to stress. The unpacking is more fun the packing up.

super des said...

Thanks Pea! I'm not stressing about it (yet!). We've both got a few days off, so at least we won't be exhausted from work. We also have so far 2 strapping young men to help with the physical labor.

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