Thursday, September 16, 2010

Really? (a different one)

I was looking something up for a customer today and she reached out and TOUCHED MY FACE. I recoiled violently, and she said "oh sorry, but your star is so pretty!" I said, I don't like people touching me! And she seemed to get the hint.

I've said it before: tattoos are not invitations to touch strangers. Especially their face!


Pea said...


When I was in an airplane a couple weeks ago the guy sitting next to me(I had a window seat) kept nudging my arm every time there was a good view of the mountains we were passing over EVEN THOUGH I WAS ALREADY LOOKING OUT THE WINDOW. He did tell me that he had daughters my age so that's probably what he does to them but still. I don't like people putting their hands on me either. I KNOW if you were a guy, it would never happen.

super des said...

I don't know where these people come from that this is acceptable behavior.

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