Wednesday, September 22, 2010

news - high heels

Today on my break at work I was watching the news. Rather, I was reading the headline ticker at the bottom of the tv, while the newscasters babbled on about how David Hasselhoff was kicked off Dancing With the Stars.

The one that caught my eye was "High heels a waste of money? New study shows 40% of men don't notice women's shoes."

First, men aren't supposed to notice the shoes. They're supposed to notice what high heels do to our legs and butts. Evolutionarily speaking, high heels lift and separate our buttcheeks, and that is a prime indicator of sexual readiness. Or to the layman, Dayum!

Also, apparently all women only buy things to impress men. It's inconceivable that a woman would buy something, say a pair of shoes, because she actually liked them and found them aesthetically pleasing. I know every pair of shoes *I* purchase is in the hopes that a man will lie in awe of how wonderfully they match my fingernail polish.

Thank god for the news.


Pea said...

What idiotic logic. So basically if I were a lesbian I would still be buying shoes to impress a man who wouldn't notice? um. ok.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to meet a man that likes, cares about or even has a foggy clue about shoes- we woman just seem to be genetically predispositioned to such wonders- just lucky aye!

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