Tuesday, June 29, 2010

help a talented artist

Pardon the multiple postings in one day, but Jason wrote this blog and I feel that I needed to share it with my internet friends. Even though I share the exact same sentiment, and Jay worded it better than I could.

I count Aaron Wood as one of my very good friends and one of Asheville's (if not NC's) greatest export. An amazing musician, soulful singer, and dedicated father, he's been trying to make it in the music business for the last 20 years.

He was about to give up entirely, he had resigned himself to selling all of his instruments and working at a job he hated just to keep a roof over his families head and food on the table, when he met my sister. My sister Jessica has a million contacts and a lust for life that she wanted to share with Woody, so she called in a ton of favors from friends and business partners to put a few of Woodys songs together professionally.. and now the rest is up to the world.

Using the business incubator Kickstarter.com, they've put together a business plan to make a full blown record and introduce Woody to the world.

I post this here because there is a special incentive for regional fans. Donations of $25 or more get you invited to a huge party on the 4th of July. Delicious food and drink included.. with an in ground pool and 40 foot slip and slide, where Woody and some of Avilles finest musicians will play all day while you play in the sun.

Please see the link here: Kickstarter.com and watch the video and read the story, and if you like it, please tell your friends. I believe talent like Aaron's should not be wasted and will be donating myself after my next paycheck.

Thanks for your time.

You and Aaron "Woody" Wood make an album together.


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