Wednesday, June 30, 2010

great day

Earlier, I was looking for a new job. I think my current job realized that, and has since done everything possible to keep me. I've been getting more hours. They gave me a promotion and a raise. A few months ago I was the Customer Service Champion. And today, I found out that I was unanimously voted the store's Top Contributor. The thing that makes this last stand out is that normally each department head chooses one person. It just so happens that this time, when the first person said who he chose (me), everyone groaned because they had ALL chosen me! That's right, I am so damn useful that I not only help out in every department, but I am the best at everything.

Besides bragging rights, being Top Contributor also comes with presents. I'm supposed to get one $5-10 gift of my choosing from the store. But since they all chose me, they all get me a gift. :) The first gift I got was a 2 month WoW subscription card. That's pretty rad because it's well above the price limit, but the guy (who is also my boss in my new position - coincidence? I think not!) knew that my account expired right after I got my first 80, so he actually bought it for me with his own money. (I'm sure it also doesn't hurt that he's a player too, so he understands.)

The second gift was from the manager of the Grocery section. He was like "what do you want? Some ice cream and doritos?" I didn't have to get something from his section, but obviously he knows me too well. :P I just bought ice cream yesterday, so I took him up on the doritos and also got myself some Annie's mac n cheese, which I needed to buy today anyway. Saved me about $8, so that's cool.

I know I have more prizes coming, so I've started picking out stuff from the store. I mean, there's always stuff I want anyway, so it's pretty easy. But I'm excited for 1) yay free stuff and 2) my job is actually rewarding my hard work and trying to keep me happy so they don't lose me.

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