Tuesday, July 06, 2010

job update

I'm digging my new job. Basically I know what needs to get done each day when I go in, and I set off by myself and go do it. The hours are flexible, too. This morning I knew I had a lot of Back to School signs that needed to be assembled and hung from the ceiling, so I came in at 4am instead of the regular 6, to ensure that I could get (at least the majority of it) done before the store opened at 8. On Sunday I ended up going home sick after only an hour of work, so I can come in Friday to make up the hours. This is good for both my workload and my paycheck.

The only really tough part is that I was kind of thrown into this position in the middle of everything. The original signer left unexpectedly, and the guy that "took over" for him only did so a little bit - he never left his other position. So Not only do I have now have to set holidays and the regular stuff coming in every week, I have to play catch up from everything that wasn't done before.

But I have the feeling that once I get it under control, it will stay that way and I'll really enjoy it.

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Maureen said...

4am? Really? Dude.

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