Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Today I had my review at work. I think it is technically supposed to be done every 6 months, but it's a little late and who's counting?

Even though I know I'm an awesome employee, I still had that brief moment of fear when they called me in. Emotional Girl Brain was expecting to hear something like "You're still doing ok, but not as well as we'd hoped. Your performance has dropped since last review." and so on and so on. Logical Robot Brain tried to argue that I had just been named Customer Service Champion for the month of March and am currently "a person of interest" for a new, higher paying position, but still the fear. You know how Emotional Girl Brain overpowers Logical Robot Brain sometimes.

But of course the fear was unfounded. I was given the rating of "effective" because apparently you have to work there a year before being "excellent," even if everyone in the store knows the real score, which was explained to me apologetically. But store policy or whatever. I was also given a raise. It's a small raise, only like an extra dollar a day, but something anyway. Then I was told how awesome I am. Let me quote:
You are prompt to work and bring a can-do attitude to work each day. Your infectious friendly attitude helps keep other team members positive and goal-oriented. ...Your outgoing personality and positive attitude is reflected in how well you serve guests....The sense of urgency when you are working s reflected in how dependable and quick you work...

(I took out some of the more store-specific comments, but you get the picture.) I was also informed that my immediate supervisor may be leaving at some point, and I am a shoo-in for his job. Keep in mind this is the person giving me the review.

So, what have we learned today? Recognition for being awesome is, well, awesome.

And just because it fits the theme, the Dollyrots. Blogger won't let me embed the video because it gets joy ut of pissing me off.

ps - thank you to everyone who donated to the AIDS Walk. I raised $380!


Pea said...

That's great. It's good to hear someone actually being appreciated at work.

How's the exercise going BTW? Any progress? I totally feel your body image issues. I get strange looks when I complain about my body too. Hello! I live on a beach, I don't want to be perfect but happy. I found my metabolism gets a good kick in the buns when I eat a hearty breakfast. Try that if you haven't already

super des said...

the exercise is doing its job I think. I think 'm seeing a difference, though I don't know if it's in my head, or a different time of the month, or actually losing weight. So I'll keep on trying. :)

SUEB0B said...

Yay. I'm sure you are an awesome employee.

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