Wednesday, April 14, 2010

yay, work

Recently I had been feeling a bit "blah" about work, probably because the weather is nice and I had a week off not too long ago. But the last few days have been making me feel great.

Monday, I was asked to switch departments. The pay would be better, but the hours would suck (4am to noon every day). I'd be working with one friend again, but I would leave the friends on my current team. I decided I'd ask if I could do maybe half and half, as the extra money would be nice.

Yesterday I was stopped when I went to clock out for lunch because they needed to take my picture. This picture:

Apparently during the last People in Charge Meeting, I was voted in. It's kinda like Employee of the Month, so I'm pretty stoked.

Then today, I was again asked how I like my current position. I laughed and asked if this was about the same thing as Monday. They said "not really" and proceeded to explain this other position to me. It wouldn't be a promotion in the titular sense, but there would be more money. My schedule would almost be the same as it is now, just an hour earlier. I would be my own team, working all by myself. I'd still get to see my friends, just not work side by side with them. So I'm going to go for it. I still have to "apply" for it, but something tells me I'll get it.

Jay has been having similar experiences at work, so it looks like we might be staying around this area for a while.

ps - Don't forget to donate to my AIDS Walk.

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