Wednesday, April 07, 2010

new tattoos!

So I got a tattoo on my face. Watch the videos (less than 2 minutes total) and notice how nervous I am before the needle actually touches my skin.

Watch video 1 here. (Either blogger or I am too retarded to upload or embed videos.)
Part 2 is right after that, except you missed me say "Wow, that doesn't hurt at all!"
Watch video 2 here.

And it's true, it didn't hurt at all. That's not me being all hardcore either - this is the first tattoo that I could have gone to sleep during. And the needle didn't go that deep into my skin either, so my skull was not rattling, which I was kinda worried about. I imagine there are some spa treatments or something that feel like that.Also: it barely bled and it healed in like 2 days. I just have to keep it out of the sun for 30 days as a precaution, but that's no prob.

About 10 days later, I went back to get it touched up. The color had faded a lot and lost a bit of its star shape. People didn't notice it unless I pointed out. (Damn my awesome healing power!) So I headed on back to the studio to see what could be done. Even Brian the artist was surprised at it's decomposition. Luckily he had an opening when I popped in (and remembered me), so we took about 2 minutes and worked on my face again.This time, it DID hurt. Not a lot, but more than the absolute nothing I felt last time. It made my eye water, which didn't happen before. The needle definitely went deeper into the skin, and he used a darker color. This time it should stick better, but if it doesn't, I am welcome to come back and get it retouched as many times as I need to.

I also got this, an art-noveau moon with a ribbon and spiderweb. It's a twinsie tat with my BFF, and she designed it. (Mine is on top.)

This one hurt, especially when he used a very fine needle like on the spiderweb. And of course the inner wrist is a pretty sensitive area.
Here's a picture of me getting it done. We took "real" pictures and "fake" pictures, but this one she took when I didn't know she was going to.

So, many thanks to Brian Reaid at Ace of Spades Tattoo in Asheville. He was super awesome and did an awesome job. He is super cool, and wants his work to be awesome. He also wants his customers to have no regrets, so he would rather fix a lighter tattoo multiple times than have the customer sad that they have a tattoo (on their face!) that's too dark. I definitely recommend going there, and will go there for any future Asheville and / or North Carolina ink.

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