Monday, March 22, 2010

gas karma

Today I rolled up to the gas station and went to put my credit card in. But the machine was beeping, and something was already stuck in there. A credit card. Apparently the beeping wasn't enough to remind someone to NOT forget their credit card. I don't even know how that happens - my fingers don't even leave my card when it's swiped.

But I took the card and proceeded into the gas station store with it. The thought did cross my mind briefly to go on a shopping spree (read: doritos), or at least buy my own gas with it, but of course I didn't. Karma would like it better that way.

As I was driving home with my full tank of gas (that *I* paid for) I thought that maybe the card was left there as a good samaritan gesture - pay for your gas with it and leave it for the next guy. Not only did I ruin it by turning in the card before getting my gas with it, but that wouldn't happen.

Oh well.

Karma better pay me back good.

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