Monday, March 08, 2010

spring, is that you?

It's 67 degrees in Asheville today, the warmest it's been in months. I had the windows down and no jacket on my way home from work, and now at home I have as many windows open as I can. (We still have some of them winterproofed, so that means I can't even open the blinds, which is a bummer.)

I hope this weather sticks around. I am so sick of snow, I die a little more each time the temperature drops. At work we've gotten in beach towels, swimsuits, summer toys, pool chemicals, garden stuff, and other things that make me forget how cold it is outside. I haven't bought any of this fun stuff yet, because I don't want to get my hopes up. However, the time doth approach nigh, I am sure of it.

Also this weather reminds me (like I needed reminding) that I need to move somewhere warm. I'm happier and have more energy when the sun is shining, so it's really better for the whole world. (To a point... there's a line crossed that can involve sunburns and humidity that we won't mention.) Still not sure where we're going to move, but in my fantasy it has nice year-round springtime.

For now, I will just enjoy today.

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