Saturday, February 27, 2010

khaki pants

At my job, I have to wear khaki pants. I can wear whatever kind i want, but they have to be khaki. Thing is, no khaki pants look good on anyone. Some people can rock some styles more than others, but nobody ever looks stunning. I don't complain because I don't look hot - I don't need those creepy hillbillies drooling over me. I complain because I hate buying them. Since I wear them every day, they get pretty dirty pretty quick. That means a lot of washing. Which means more wear & tear than on my non-work clothes (which I rarely get to wear anymore anyway).

I had been buying all my clothes at a thrift store. I'm already poor, so there's no need to be extravagant with purchsases that will just have to be replaced in a few months anyway. Unfortunately, this means that the clothes don't come new. i.e. they already have some wear & tear on them. So when one of my two pairs ripped the other day before work, I was disappointed but not surprised.

That day, I headed back out to the thrift store. The choices were few, but I picked out 2 of the "best" pairs of pants they had, spent my $8, and went on my way. I washed them when I got home, and went to put on a pair this morning for work. The pants are already ugly - that's a given. But the first pair I put on literally had their "waist" over my ribcage. And the legs were long enough to go all the way ver my feet. Unwearable in a job that requires lots of moving around. The second pair may have worked if I was a few pounds lighter. The waist was at the right spot, but buttoning the clasp was a challenge.

Resigned, I put on my remaining old pair and headed to work. I know I should have tried them on at the thrift store, but it was so hot and crowded in there that I just wanted to get out. Luckily my work sells the appropriate pants. I had given up on thrift stores because I wanted something that actually FIT. I picked out 4 pairs, tried them all on, and took the one I liked best. I didn't know it at the time, but it was the most expensive pair. (They were all between $21-$27 so it's not that big of a difference.) I hate spending that much money on one pair of pants that will probably need to be replaced before the year is up, and they're not even that cute.

If they're going to make us wear uniforms, they should at least GIVE us the clothes. They know we don't make enough money for this!

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