Monday, October 12, 2009

weekend fun!

So this weekend we hopped in the car and drove for 2 hours to meet up with the some friends in Charlotte. Well it was more than 2 hours because we stopped on the way to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings, which is one of those places we used to go all the time in Michigan but Asheville is without. I got to meet a few new folks and reconnect with some folks I already knew. Everyone was great, and we were all dressed up. Of course, I forgot my camera so I have to wait til everyone else uploads their pictures so I can steal them.

Besides the Halloween party, I also got to pet lots of horses and go to the Carolina RenFest. Jay and I did bring our RenFest costumes, but something about going to bed at 5am that morning left us too lazy to wear them, so we went in normal clothes. There we saw some shows, ate some food... and pet more horses. The highlight of that part was meeting the giant Clydesdale in the petting zoo, who was completely blind. See? (thanks to Jay for the picture!)

He had a helper dog with him. Not only was the dog "on guard" while people were petting the horse, but we got to see the coolest thing happen: The horse tapped his giant foot against the fence, and the dog mmediately bounded over the fence and ran to the horse's handler. The handler then went and got some food for the horse, and the dog went off duty for a bit.

I'll post pictures from the party as soon as I get some, so stay tuned!

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LittlePea said...

What a beauty. I love those big horses. This reminds me of something I can use for a post....

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