Thursday, October 01, 2009

flu shot!

My arm hurts, and I was duped. Next thing you know, I'll be sick.

Why the pessimism? I got a flu shot. Willingly. It was free through work, but I've never gotten one or needed one before. They made it sound like I would get a $10 gift certificate for being a new pharmacy patient. But that's not the way it worked. I got a coupon for a gift certificate if I transfer a prescription. Since I haven't had health insurance in years, I have no prescriptions to transfer. And I already picked out the super cute bra I was going to get myself with the gift certificate as a reward.

While I was waiting for the pharmacist to come back from lunch, I was talking to the store manager & HR assistant, who had both gotten their shots already. The HR chick said the shot wasn't bad, and the pharmacist was very gentle. Meanwhile, the store manager was telling me "how the needle broke off in his arm, and it took 3 or 4 tries" and other blatant lies. They were so blatant that even *I* - who can't even hear needles discussed - was fine with it. I told the pharmacist what the store manager said, and the pharmacist called him an ass, not jokingly. That might have something to do with why the pharmacist recently accepted a job offer somewhere else.

So I didn't get paid for my pain, but it wasn't so bad. The pharmacist did a very good job of hiding the syringe from my sight and keeping me distracted with talk of tattoos while doing the deed. I did feel a little poke, but no fainting, so that's a step up for me. However, my arm is sore now, and I did have a bit of lightheadedness while waiting for Jay to get off work. If I get sick though, I will be pissed.

(I *was* injected with a tiny tiny bit of active flu virus, so whenceforth comes my fear.)


LittlePea said...

Which kind did you get? The reg flu or the H1N1? My husband keeps bothering me to get the reg one but I never had one before and I have enough needles through out the year so I'm not that enthusiastis about one more!

super des said...

I got the regular kind. So far so good. :)

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