Sunday, October 18, 2009


I don't have anything interesting to post, so I'm writing about my earrings. I have 13 total, and I never ever take them out or change them. It's just too much of a pain in the booty with some of these rings and whatnot. But recently I felt it was time for a change. I had taken out my earrings to give them their annual cleanings, and I got to looking. I wanted to buy myself a present for working so hard lately (like 7 days a week a few times) and I found a killer deal on ebay.

So I left my earrings out until my new ones came. I thought I'd take advantage by wearing some of those fancy things I make, but apparently the tiny bit of hole-stretching I've done was enough to make me paranoid I was going to lose the danglys. I finally gave up and put my old earrings back in, which was good because apparently the holes had started to close. I knew this because they needed to be re-stretched, which led to a sore lobe. But of course the day after I put them back in, my new ones arrived. The good news is, the gauges I bought (14 and 16) were smaller than my pre-stretched hole size, so no more sore ears.

The new ones are the multicolored rings at the very bottom (one in the left ear and two in the right). Here's an explanation for the rest of them:
-the fishbone, star, and skull I got in Mexico many years ago
-the amethysts are the last bday present I got from my xbf , which I admit is a little weird, but dang it, they're pretty. (And they're only filler until Jay buys me some mystic topaz to match my ring & necklace that I already have!)
-the penguin is a gift from my good friend Megan that she bought at the Monterey Bay aquarium for me a few years ago. I have that thing with penguins, you know.
-two of the rings I bought while in Argentina
- the rest of them I've just picked up in stores when I needed replacements

So now you're caught up. Also: do you know how hard it is to take a non-blurry picture of your own ear?

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LittlePea said...

I love the skull and fishbone. This makes me want to put some earring on-I haven't worn any in a long time so I might not even peirced any more....

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