Friday, September 25, 2009

scam fail

So someone contacted me on Model Mayhem about doing a job. It was going to be a high paying job, almost too good to be true. I had my suspicions, but I went along with it. I was supposed to get paid about 1/3 of my fee in advance, and then show up for one day of (fully clothed!) shooting and get paid the rest. Still sounded too good to be true.

They asked for my name & address to send the payment. It still sounded too good to be true, but they weren't asking for my social security number, or any payment from ME, so I went ahead and gave them my info (which, honestly, if someone wanted I'm sure they could get by some means or another after all and doesn't cause any harm if they do have it). I received an email last night saying I was getting an overnight delivery via UPS with my check, and the check was to be MORE than I was originally told. This definitely sounded WAY too be good to be true. I still had my doubts, but I could really really use the money. I was being taunted with enough money to pay several months' rent, or buy myself a used car on craigslist (which is what I was going to do). But still, the doubts.

Jay was home today when the delivery came, and texted me at work. He said inside the package were 3 postal money orders. At first I was like "sweet! I don't have to wait for a check to clear!" but then he did a bunch of research and found all sorts of scams involving money orders. Conveniently enough, the 800-number to verify money orders through the USPS was down, so when I got off work, we went to the post office so they could verify it in person. I still really really wanted that money, but my scam sense that had been tingling since the beginning was getting stronger and stronger. As soon as we showed the post office employees what he had, every single one of them screamed fraud. They showed me a REAL money order, and how the "security marks" in the fake ones were obviously fake. It was sooooo obvious once I saw the real money orders! And, they pointed out that the money orders were delivered via UPS instead of via post office, even though the person had obviously GONE to the post office to "buy" them, and they were even packaged in a USPS envelope. Hmmm.... trying to avoid the postal inspectors, are we?

So they confiscated the money orders, and made me a copy for my records. Federal authorities will be involved soon. I was bummed that I wasn't a few thousand dollars richer, but not surprised. When I got home I checked my email, and lo and behold there was an email from the guy who sent the money orders. He wanted to make sure I got them, and I deposited them in the bank as soon as possible. Oh, and I'm supposed to forward along the rest of the money (after my initial fee) to some other person also as soon as possible. AND am I still on for shooting on Sunday? Well not only do I have to work Sunday because this is the first I've heard of an actual date, but YEAH RIGHT am I showing up. I mean if the feds wanted me for some sort of sting or something, I would go. But other than that, this guy has been blocked & reported on MM (his profile has since been removed).

I feel like I should've gotten into the scamming industry. I'm sure that a greedier / stupider person would have rushed off to deposit their new money before the banks closed for the weekend, and the sender would be loving life, while the "model" would be fucked. Luckily, I am not used to people paying me thousands of dollars for ANYTHING, so I was wary.

Oh well. Back to making money the old fashioned way. That, by the way, is actually working out pretty awesomely. The store manager has made it a habit of coming to me personally and asking if I can work more hours. Obviously I've proven that not only am I willing to put in the extra work, but that paying me a bit more is worth it because the work gets done! So no get rich quick modeling jobs for me... just good old fashioned chutzpah. It will take longer, but the results will be more permanent.


Jbeeky said...

The same thing happened to me when I tried to sell my leather armchair. But I have to say how much I love, love, love my necklace. You are trully gifted and I will keep taking those compliments on my new necklace.

super des said...

I'm glad you like it! Like I said, that was one of the ones I wore on a regular basis myself. :)

flutter said...

Oh, that sucks des, I am sorry.

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