Monday, September 21, 2009

actual new friend

So I'm in love with my coworker. Not in a "she's so hawt, I want to maul her!" type of way. More like a "she's so super awesome and nice and I want to hang out with her" kind of way.

On my team of 4 people, she's the other girl besides me. She's also closest to my age. So we've got that going for us. Also, she just moved here from Michigan. And her husband works for the same company that Jay works for (different branch though). We're totally twinsies.

Last week I was complaining that my coffee pot had broken. She mentioned she might have an extra one because one birthday she got one from her husband AND one from her mom. She went on a short vacation back to Michigan, and saw the extra coffee pot at her parents' house, still unopened. So she brought it to me. She didn't even want any money or anything for it.

Then today I mentioned that I would be sitting in the break room for 2 hours after work because Jay didn't get off work til then, and it was raining so I couldn't do my normal walk to the mall to kill time. She offered to hang out with me and of course I accepted. We wandered around our store for a bit because sometimes there are things we want to take a closer look at, but can't because we are working. I ended up splurging and buying a pair of $8 pajama pants. My old ones were literally worn until they fell apart, and I miss them. Plus these were on clearance.

Then we went to the mall (she drove) and wandered around there. As is apt to happen when 2 girls wander around together, we got to talking and bonded a bit. At one point we were in an accessory store and she bought some bobby pins. The guy told her that anything else would be half off with that purchase, so she told me to pick out something. I had been fancying these sparkly barrettes, s she grabbed them and bought them for me. I didn't ask her to, and I offered to split the package with her, but she said no.

We still had a bit of time to kill, so we wandered over to the bookstore to look at bridal magazines (for her). We sat in comfy chairs, looked at pretty pictures of dresses, and gabbed like freinds do. She waited with me until Jay was done with work, and I thanked her for everything profusely.

I think I'm going to make her a little bracelet to give her when I go back to work on Wednesday. You might even call it a - friendship bracelet? :D :D :D

ps - speaking of me making stuff, you can still buy pretty things from me to help with those pesky bills.

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Sarah said...

Yah new friends are awesome!!!

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