Thursday, September 17, 2009

funk (not the George Clinton kind)

As I mentioned in my last blog, work is going pretty well. However, it's not going so well that I don't worry about money. My plan from the beginning was to get a second job. However, in sharing a car between 2 people with part time retail jobs, I realize that a second job would be impossible. In theory I'm still waiting to hear back from that high paying office job, but even if I get hired I would have no way to get there. It's further away than my current job, and since Jay works odd hours, one of us would be suffering to get to & from work.

I just need a lump sum of money - like winning the lottery or something. In fact, it doesn't even have to be a large amount. Just enough to get us caught up on our bills (I haven't paid my phone bill in 2 months, for example) and maybe get me a car. Though I would absolutely love to have another mini cooper, I don't see the $20,000+ price tag happening anytime soon. I would just need something off of craigslist, as long as it runs.

It's really hard working in a store that sells awesome things, too. Every day I find more things that I want and or / need, but I can't buy. I don't even remember the last time I bought myself something, including makeup, clothes, dvds, etc. (Ok I did buy a few things at a thrift store, but they were required for work.) Wait, that's not true. I did buy some hair dye because I was very unhappy looking at myself in the mirror and seeing my very long roots. I did not splurge on the haircut I so desperately need, though.

So if anyone has any quick moneymaking tips that don't require a car or initial funding, let me know. Also, you know I'm still selling jewelry. I know times are tough for everyone, so if there's something in my store (or you want something custom), let me know and we can negotiate. I'll take a small amount over nothing. Every bit helps.

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