Tuesday, September 15, 2009

work is grrrrrrreat!

I haven't updated in a while, so here goes.

I really like my job. Still getting used to being at work at 7am, but being home around 2ish certainly has its perks. Around 4-4:30, I take a nap, and then I'm good til about 11 or so for bed. Rinse and repeat.
Jay has a job too, and it's about a mile away from mine. This is especially nice since we still share a car. Generally I get off before him and take my time walking down to his store, maybe meandering into other stores on the way. Then we go home together. Sometimes we work opposite shifts though, so we see each other only briefly all day.

My coworkers are pretty awesome. My "team leader" is an English / Literature professor, and gets all my obscure references. The other chick on the team is about my age, also just moved here from MI, and her husband works at the same store as Jay (different branch though). We're twins. Plus she gave me a coffee pot when I told her mine broke. She had an extra one, never opened, and it works super. The other guy on the team is the type that over explains things, but other than that he's fine. So out of us 4, it's a good team.

Other people I work with all seem pretty cool too. One of the managers (the one who actually gave the thumbs up to hire me on the spot) plays a lot of the same videogames I do and is into other nerdy stuff I am, so we also have decent conversations. In fact, sometimes I clock back in from lunch, but then get caught up in discussions with 2 managers, and don't necessarily get back to work on time. But I can't get in trouble because I'm talking to the people that would be doing the disciplining me.

People there like me, too. I've had a few of the higher ups have told me that they've "been hearing good things about me." The store manager even knew my name before we were actually introduced. The only problem with the job is that I don't get paid enough, but I'm sure that as soon as I'm eligible for raises, I will begin receiving them. One cool option at the store is that you can pick up other people's shifts easily. So I'm working 13 hours on Friday. I'll be tired as a monkey, but at least I'll have a few more bucks.

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