Monday, August 24, 2009

so sick of interviews

I had an interview with the mystery company today. Apparently it's such a secret because they are doing a buyout but their employees don't know yet, and they don't want to cause a stir. Whatever. Also they made it clear that it's a temp-to-hire job, so hopefully I wouldn't have to do this job searching thing again, well, ever. The people were really hard for me to use my people-reading super powers on, so I'm not sure how it went. Here's a rundown:

The first lady spoke a little bit about the job. I was able to find out why they were so secretive, and where the place is located (15 minute drive). She also said that the first week of training will be generalized, and then they will separate people into the niche that they fit into best. I like that idea because it means I probably won't be on the phones all day, which I hate. But then she saw my experience with the animal shelter on my resume so we talked about dogs. Then she asked if I had a dog. So I got to say I did have a dog until we moved to Asheville. And she made me go into detail about poor Midnight. Then she actually had the gall to say "gee, thanks for bumming me out!" I was like, bitch, thank you for bumming ME out! Shouldn't we be talking about how you're going to give me a job? But then she wanted to talk about her dog, and where they got it and blah blah blah. She's the type of person that can't finish a story unless she knows all the details, so when she couldn't remember the name of the restaurant that they ate lunch at that day, she had to stop talking until she could recall it, even though I knew which one she was talking about and it wasn't pivotal to her story.

It was at this point that the chick from the staffing agency came in to tell me the 2nd interviewer was ready for me. What she actually meant is that it was time for me to sit in another room by myself for 15 minutes. Though to the girl's credit, she did come hang out with me for a few minutes. I liked her better than the 2 interviewers by far. But eventually it was time to go talk to the other guy.

The thing that struck me most about him is that he never smiled. I'm used to people smiling in my presence (especially if I am being my own smiley self), so it was a little disconcerting. He made it sound like I would be on the phone all day no matter what, and seemed to imply that I wasn't qualified to work in a call center because he was concentrating on my last office job, which was 3 jobs ago, and didn't involve being on the phone. Nevermind my 10+ years of retail experience. Whatever.

So we'll see if I even get that job. It wouldn't start til September 8 anyway, so I would still be working at the funner, lower paying "bullseye" store I mentioned last blog until then. But I guess that would give the bullseye store a chance to see how awesome I am, and then maybe change the set hours for me or give me a raise if they wanted to keep me.


Jbeeky said...

Do you get a discount at the "bullseye" store cauze that would be sweeeeet.

super des said...

Yes I do, but I don't know how much. Whatever, I shop there anyway. :)

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