Saturday, August 29, 2009

life stuff

I've worked a few days at the store now. I really like it. My "team members" are all pretty cool, and they were appreciative of my skillz. Yesterday I did my cashier training. Not like I haven't been a cashier before, but this store's system is soooooooo easy. When someone pays in cash, it actually gives you buttons to press for how much they gave you, so you don't type it in like I'm used to. Say a person owes $21.10. The options are a) $21.20 b)$22 c)25 d) $30 etc. listing the most common payment amounts. The register literally walks you through every little step. It requires no brains at all to be a cashier at this particular store. No offense to my coworkers, but really.

However, I was told by the HR lady that I "need to stop being such a good cashier or they won't let me go back to my actual job." I thought that was funny. I am, however, going to pick up lots of cashier shifts so I can earn more money by doing very little work. My normal work schedule is 7am to 2pm (ish) so that leaves me lots of time to cover for others. Also it will show my bosses how awesome I am and how willing I am to take on more responsibility. And hopefully that will lead to them giving me promotions and raises.

I haven't heard back from the boring-but-well-paying-job yet.I stil have mixed feelings. I do need the money soooooooo badly, but I really like the store job. Maybe I can talk to them and have them switch my hours or something. But we'll see.

We haven't moved into the new place yet either. It's up to 3 bombings, powderings, and 3 exterminator visits. These fleas will. not. die. The exterminator is even bending the rules a little and giving us 2 and 3 times the legal limit of chemicals. (And that's part of the reason we don't live there yet.) I also learned that the neighbors of that house were under investigation by a task force, and yesterday they were busted for something involving lots of meth. I really hope it wasn't a meth lab. I don't want no neighbors blowing up my house. But now they're gone, and hopefully the fleas will be too.

Life may be coming back to order.


Sarah said...

I am glad things are starting to turn around for you!!!!

Give it a few months and everything will be okay! It takes a while to adjust!

Anonymous said...

IDK. But the new place sounds a little unhealthy...I'd be looking for a different place!

super des said...

Well I can't find a new place - my sister in law is my landlord here for a reason.

SUEB0B said...

I hope you enjoy the new job. I had no idea about the fancy cash registers.

Superfleas? Dang. Make sure to air that place out good before you move in.

super des said...

Yeah, we're definitely opening all the windows and giving (another) good scrub before we start moving in.

Wayne said...

It might just be cheaper to get new carpets if you're paying for exterminator visit after exterminator visit.

super des said...

There are no carpets in the house, and we are only paying for one exterminator visit. They return as many times as necessary within the 1st 30 days - part of their guarantee.

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