Friday, September 04, 2009

moved in!

What's this? I'm sitting on my own couch, watching my own tv, using my newly installed cable & internet? That's right folks, after exactly 2 months of living in North Carolina, we have finally moved into our new place. I am so over all of the following:

-fleas and other bugs
-living out of a suitcase in a tiny bedroom shared with a cat and a boy
-worrying about roommates eating my food
-being lectured on how much the water & electricity bills have risen because of us
-having to watch crappy reality shows because its not my tv
-bratty dogs that eat everything from the cat's toys to the cat poop to the frozen chicken that was supposed to be our dinner
-a bathroom with no electrical outlets
-not having full access to all my shoes & purses
-Direct TV (I prefer my tivo, thankyouverymuch)

There were some good things too, but I would have much rather been able to move into this house July 1 like we were originally supposed to.

The move itself wasn't so bad. Our stuff had been stored in the garage, and somehow the couches and a few things got moldy / musty / dusty. I cleaned them as best I could (read: lots of febreeze and vacuuming) but the main couch still stinks. We have a blanket over it, periodically febreeze it, and have all the windows near it open, so hopefully that helps.

Do you know how comfortable my bed was after sleeping in Jessica's spare bed? That other bed was too small, noisy, and just plain uncomfortable. My bed is like a dream of pillows and marshmellows. Not to mention it was the hottest room in the house, so even with fans I was unhappy. New room = heaven.

Mecrutio is a real champ at moving. He was of course the last "thing" we brought over. I held the carrier up t the dogs so they could say goodbye, and we headed out. I put him down, opened the carrier, and let him do his thing. His thing, incidentally, involved slinking in circles around the house. The bedroom has 2 doors, so he could go living room - kitchen - laundry room - kitchen - bedroom - living room. He seemed to enjoy it. We've since closed off the door from the bedroom to the living room due to space issues, but he's still fine. For a cat, he adapts extremely well to change. Within an hour he was curled up on our bed. I think he missed our bed too.

I had this week off from work (scheduling issues - all 4 of us hired at the same time were off this week) but I did need the time to move. Incidentally, I never heard back from the higher paying job. That sucks, but oh well. I've already used my discount at the store that did hire me when we needed to replace the stuff we left in MI (such as a trash can, toaster, etc.).


Average Jane said...


You might try putting the couch outside in the sun for an afternoon. That's the best remedy I've found for mildew and musty odors in upholstery.

super des said...

That's a good idea. Unfortunately, our couch is giant and stupidly shaped. It only got in the house in the first place by taking the front door off its hinges, and much cussing and grunting.

SUEB0B said...

Yay. Glad you are finally "home."

Anonymous said...

It's great to hear the bugs are out and you guys are in!


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