Friday, June 26, 2009


Yesterday if you were in my neck of the woods, you experienced a major thunderstorm. It was fine, partly cloudy, then suddenly the sky was dark and it was absolutely pouring. And hailing. And windy. With lightning and thunder directly overhead, shaking the buildings. I was at work, watching the parking lot flood, sure we were going to lose power. I wouldn't have cared if I lost power at work, but my apartment is on the same power grid, so I would have lost power at home too. That is more annoying.

Armageddon rained down for about an hour. Apparently during this time, people just a few miles away from me had no idea the world was ending. This is evidenced by my boss calling me while this was happening:

telling me about a fax he was sending. I had turned off the fax machine because the power was only one blink away from going out completely, and I was sick of the fax machine beeping to reset itself.

Then the storm stopped as suddenly as it had started. However, there was major damage all over the place: tree debris, downed power lines, tar pulled up from the very roads, etc. Traffic on the corner where my store is was backed up for miles in both directions. It took Jay almost 2 hours to get home from a place that is 20 minutes away. So I walked home.

I didn't have my camera with me because I wasn't expecting any excitement. But I had to take pictures of the beautiful rainbow I saw during my walk, so the phone cam had to suffice. (As always, click to enlarge.)

Then in my apartment complex, I saw that some of the trees were no longer in tact. Example:

Our place seemed to be good, though Jay says it sounded like one of the windows had taken quite a beating, and there were branches all around too. The animals were understandably freaked out. Shoot, I was a little freaked out while I was at work.

It was a helluva storm.


mar said...

we had one of those on tuesday. there wasn't a tornado per se, but the wind sure seemed like it was imminent. it picked up when i was smack downtown, where a tornado actually struck 3 years ago & obliterated quite a few businesses & homes. fortunately it was a mere 60 to 70mph wind and torrential downpour. and i made it home before i got wet.

super des said...

the dang midwest, man.

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