Sunday, June 28, 2009

quick update

Moving to Asheville, NC in a coupla days. My last day of work was Friday. I never saw my trainee again after the one time she was there, but whatever. That just means I got to listen to my music and sing my little heart out like I used to. Friday was a pretty busy day, but I'd rather have that than the time slink by ever so slowly. Damn did it feel good to walk out that door though. I did have to stop by the next day to turn in my keys, but that's no big deal. (I was just thankful I didn't get a call early the next morning to open the store.)

That night we went over to some friends house for a sort of goodbye BBQ / Wii party. Then, home to pack. We got a lot done today - Jay did most of the kitchen, and I did all the media (books, cds, dvds, some video games) and all my bead stuff. It's hard to pack because we'll actually be staying with Jay's sister for a month before we get our own place, so a lot of this is going straight into storage. The hard part lies in deciding what we'll need for a month. Tomorrow we finish packing and clean the place up. Tuesday morning we start packing up the truck. Wednesday morning, bright and early, we set out.

Me, Jay, Midnight, and Mecrutio will all be crammed into the cab of a uhaul for a 700 mile drive. Towing a car. Driving mountainous roads. With frequent bathroom breaks for the pets. SO, um, Wednesday is going to suck. But we'll get in Wednesday night, go to sleep, and unpack the truck the next day. We've actually got some friends making a 4-hour drive from Raleigh to help, so that will be fun. We don't have to have the truck back for a few days so we can take our time. Then there is a big 4th of July party, which will probably involve us drinking a lot. Shut up, we'll have earned it by then!

One last unrelated note:
This morning Mecrutio was laying on Jay's lap. I nommed his head. He didn't like that, so he bit my shoulder. Hard. I have a tooth-shaped welt right where my neck meets my shoulder. It rocks, thanks Mecru.


Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip Des and take lots of pictures!

SUEB0B said...

Have a safe trip!

Count Mockula said...

Are we there yet?

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