Friday, June 12, 2009

hangin with the band

Our last show in Detroit was last night - Backyard Tire Fire. We saw them open for the Reverend Horton Heat a few months ago, and they put on a heckuva show, so when we heard they were headlining for the 1st time in Detroit, we were all about it.

We got to the bar, paid our $10, got our hands stamped, and we were the only people there. I mean literally, there were the people that worked there, the bands, and me and Jay. We meandered to the merch station to buy a cd and the drummer from BTF, Tim, came over and started talking to us. I don't know if he recognized us from the Rev show (where we also hung out with him for a little bit) or is just a super friendly guy - probably both. Jay bought a cd, and Tim went to go get the other 2 members of the band so they could sign it for us. Since there was nobody else around and the show didn't start for a little while, the band hung around with us drinking beers and chatting. We told them of our upcoming move, and it turns out they are originally from Asheville. In fact, Jay's favorite song, "How the Hell Did You Get Back?" is actually about their move from Asheville back to Illinois. Jay was wearing his Big Lebowski shirt, so we took turns quoting that movie for a little while. Eventually they headed backstage and we found some seats.

Our friends Michael & Lisa showed up, which is cool because I love them. Then the show started. The opening band was called Dirt Road Logic, and they looked like they were having a good time up there. The music wasn't bad, but I still prefer BTF. While DRL was playing, BTF was in the audience with us. (There were more people now, but I think it peaked around 40 or 50.) Jay bought them a round of beers, and then they went on stage.

What's that, you want pictures? These were taken with my phone cam because we forgot to bring the real camera. (Lay off, I was sick yesterday and not thinking clearly!)

It was a good time. I just want to point out that the drummer looks like Neil from the Young Ones, the singer looks like Luis Guzman the actor, and the bassist looks like the singer (they ARE brothers). After they played, we got to hang out with them a bit more. I had mentioned earlier that I wanted to get a tank top, because as we all know, I'm a sucker for a cute tank top. Tim asked if I had gotten it yet, I said no, and he gave me one at a discount. This is it:

BTF said they play Asheville all the time, so we'll definitely see them again. We'll probably hang with them again too, because I have a feeling they'll remember us. But if you ever hear of them playing in your area (Midwesterners, I'm talking to YOU!) definitely go see them. They are a very good time.


Working Girl said...

you see what happens, Larry? you see what happens when you f**K a stranger in the ass?

SUEB0B said...

Sounds like a great time. You are so cool.

LittlePea said...

FunFUN! Cute tank top.

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