Tuesday, June 16, 2009

birthday weekend!!!

I had a pretty darn good weekend.

Friday, while I was at work the car died. It had been giving us problems, and after Jay dropped me off at work, it finally went kaput. Let me tell you how much that screwed up our plans. We were supposed to hang out that night with some friends to watch the final game of the Stanley Cup (which the Wings lost, btw. Boo!). Since we were now carless, we had to go somewhere within walking distance. We tried the normal place, but it was so packed you couldn't even see the floor, let alone sit down. We tried one other place before giving up, and that place actually had seats. In fact, it was the same little divey Irish pub that we spent St. Patrick's Day in. Whatever, it worked. Our friends came out there with us, and maybe we had a few shots and beers. We went back to our place and hung out for a while before they went home.

Saturday was the day we had a lot of plans. Jay had an important appointment that luckily he was able to put off til this week, and we were going to do a shopping run for my bday party. Instead, we pretty much sat around all day until some other friends came over. He brought his Wii, and I played Wii Punch Out for the 1st time ever. I did pretty darn good, too - I made it all the way to the 3rd guy on my first try, and I only lost that fight by decision. I never actually got knocked out. Then we Wii bowled and played Wii hula hoop, and those things have convinced me even more that I need a Wii. There was a trip to the grocery store that involves us getting yelled at by the cashier while trying to buy some expensive liquor that I don't feel like going into right now. We didn't do anything wrong - the cashier just didn't know how to do her job and was mad at us because we weren't doing it for her.

Sunday was my bday party. Because of the car situation, the morning was a bit hectic. Jay had to have the car towed to his friend's house to get it worked on, and I had to arrange a ride for myself and the 2 friends that had stayed over, plus a quick grocery trip. All that got worked out, but we were still running later than Jay and I had planned on. I called the friends from Friday night, and they were already at the park. The spot we originally wanted was taken by then, but they found us a nice spot real close to that one so people were still able to find us. Jay was able to get the car fixed for cheaper than he expected and joined us not too long after we got there.

There was a lot of people and food and cake (and booze) and I think good times were had by all. Our park spot had a good amount of shade, so there were no sunburns (though f course I was prepared for it). In fact, the weather was absolutely perfect all day, right up until 9pm. The park closes at 9, so we few remaining stragglers were packing up when it started to sprinkle. We got everything in the car and headed home. When we arrived, we had time to unload the car and walk the dog before it started pouring. I love when the weather cooperates, and it's been doing it a lot lately for me.

Monday I was off work, and thank goodness because I needed a recovery day. I wasn't hungover or anything, but I think the stress & excitement of my birthday just wiped me out. I slept about 12 hours, and when I woke up my arms were very sore & stiff, probably from the Punch Out on Saturday. After a nice leisurely breakfast (though it was definitely lunchtime) we decided to go over to the mall. I had some gift certificates that needed spending - Victoria's Secret and Godiva Chocolate. Do my friends know me or what? So I bought some new panties & a bra and a ton of chocolate. So far I've been very good and have not eaten it all, though I easily could and I really really want to.

So that was my bday weekend. There are a bajillion pictures, but I am too lazy to post them. Use your imaginations. ;)


Angel said...

Des! It's Pea. For some reason windows won't let me open your blog address but I wanted to leave you a Happy Birthday message. So. er. Here it is. Happy Birthday :O)

super des said...

Stupid blogger.
But thank you Little Angel Pea. :)

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