Wednesday, June 10, 2009

on waitressing

First off, I just want to point out that I was not a hockey fan before I moved to Detroit (or "Hockey Town", as it's conveniently known). I'd never lived in a place that had a hockey team. Yes, NYC has hockey, but it's very low on the list of sports priorities, which is itself low on the priority list. But now that I'm here, I'm a Redwings fan. I probably wouldn't be so into it if the team didn't win all the time, but whatever.

Last night we went to a sports bar to watch what we hoped would be the last game of the Stanley Cup. We got lucky and had the last 2 remaining seats in the house, right at the bar. As my future job will most likely be waitressing, I make a point to study the wait / bar staff wherever I go. This staff was all female, and for the most part wearing tiny tank tops and tiny shorts. The girl that started out helping us however, was wearing a shirt that was so tight as to be unflattering, and spandex shorts. Jay noticed that she poured a drink for a few seconds with the cap on still. She may not have been the brightest crayon in the box.

This got me thinking. If I'm to be a waitress, I'm sure I will wear a similar outfit (but not the spandex part, ick). I mean, I have lots of pretty tattoos that I like to show off, and if it gets me a few extra bucks in tips, all the better. But I don't want people thinking I'm a total airhead like this chick. I'm more than a pretty face - I have a big sexy brain too. I mentioned this to Jay, and he pointed out the other girls behind the bar. They were pretty much wearing the same thing (one girl was wearing a hockey jersey though) but they were working their butts off. You could clearly tell that they were not the empty headed eye candy that the other one was, and that I was worried I would be perceived as. Plus I know that as soon as I interact with someone, they will see that I am well-spoken and intelligent. 

So we'll see how that goes in a month or so. 

ps - if anyone wants to order a custom made loom work bracelet like these, I am now taking orders. If you pay in advance, then I can buy a new loom and hopefully fill my remaining 12 days at work with productivity instead of boredom. 

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