Monday, April 27, 2009

adventures at the MetroPark

Sunday Jay and I went to the MetroPark beach, which even though it is only a few miles from our place, I had never been to. It's on the shores of Lake St. Clair, which is an "unofficial" Great Lake. Apparently it's still really big and deep like the real Great Lakes, but for some reason didn't make the cut.

Get ready for picture overload.

See? Pretty sunshine.

Jay in as much water as we went in.

Michigan is famous for it's lighthouse, but this was the first one I've ever seen. Trying to see it in my camera's display in the sunshine glare was near impossible, but it's there.

The first wildlife of the day.

Unfortunately, the second wildlife of the day.

The clouds started coming in, but it still made for pretty pictures.

Jhay found a rock that he could write with, and wrote this. blush

The sky and water were doing funky things, so it was difficult to make this picture come out right.

I climbed a tree!

The background looks fake, but I swear it was real.

We met another squirrel. He's thinner than Griswold, but that's because he doesn't get handfuls of peanuts every day like Gris does.

Duck butt!

I don't know what kind of bird this is, but it's pretty.

Random swan.

I think this is a woodchuck? It looked like an angry bear once it started charging at Jay.

Cloudy days often make for the most colorful - and therefore best - pictures.

Seagull fight!

This picture's not so pretty a note to end on. frown

We got a few warning drops of rain, and we pleaded with the heavens to just let us get back to the car before it started pouring, and lucky for us, the heavens complied. Even though our visit was cut a bit short, we had a great time. We bought an annual pass, so we'll be definitely going back often.

(As always, click to make the pics bigger!)


super des said...

Edited to add: No, it's not an angry beaver. The tail, people! The tail!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures des, so glad you two had a great time.

Jbeeky said...

Annual pass? You will be sucking up N.C. sunshine soon! Enjoy it while you can! BTW, I hear all the time now about people who have moved to N.C. and love it!

super des said...

Thanks arlene!

And J, the annual pass was the cost of 5 visits. We've got 2 months, we can do it! :)

LittlePea said...

What a beautiful day! That bird is a male Redwing Blackbird BTW. It's pretty. I love that the pird and the ladybug match. It is as if that were planned.

Don't you love when the heavens comply?

super des said...

It was a very nice day, and I hadn't even thought about the bird & ladybug matching!

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