Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Griswold again

Yesterday when Jay picked me up from work, Griswold the squirrel was there waiting for us. She was looking into the sliding glass door, and *not* climbing the screen like her bratty boy friends. When she saw us walk up the stairs, she ran over. Jay was already at the door, but I had lagged so now I had a squirrel blocking my way - she was running back and forth on the first stair.

I took a step towards her, and instead of scurrying away she made a move like she was going to jump on my feet. Now, Gris has really helped me get over my totally rational fear that squirrels want to eat my face, but when she makes a move like that I still get a little freaked out. But I told Gris that I would get her peanuts as soon as I got inside the house and put my stuff down, so she got out of my way.

I had full intentions of keeping my promise, but the dog decided to go next to the door and pee as soon as we walked in the door. So while Jay took him out, I grabbed a towel. Sure as the sky's blue, Gris was peering in the door, waiting for her promised peanuts. I apologized to her and explained that something came up requiring my immediate attention, but she wouldn't accept that. When Jay and the dog came back inside, I was still cleaning, so Jay got the peanuts out for me and poured me a big handful so I could head outside.

A car drove by and scared Gris away, but as soon as I said "come here" she came literally bounding back to the patio. Then we noticed that she was a little fatter than normal (and she's already kinda fat). As I hand- fed her peanuts, Jay and I decided that she might be having more babies. It's that time of year, and having been around pregnant women, I've seen that crazed look in the eye as they shove handfuls of peanuts in their faces. I assume squirrels are no different in this respect. This makes me a little sad, because I do want to put Gris in a box and pack her up with us when we move (yes, in the Uhaul with 2 people, a big dog, and a cat already in the cab). If she has babies, I would feel bad about taking their mommy. But maybe by that time, the babies will be off on their own. I'll have to look that up.

Anyway, as I was feeding Gris, I reached out and touched her tail. While she eats from our hands and has even climbed up on Jay's lap to get fed, we're still not at the "petting" stage. But she was so close to me, and so fuzzy. I had to. I brushed the tip of her tail with my fingers a few times before I touched the meaty part. At this, she skitted away, but only a few inches. So she still trusts me, which is good. I didn't want to freak her out at all, so I put the rest of the peanuts on the ground for her to eat at her leisure and went back inside.

Btw, here is a video we took (not yesterday) of Jay and I feeding Gris. I'm holding the camera, but you can tell it's me by the sparkly nail poilish. This is the unedited version, so it's long, and you can hear our conversation and the radio in the background. But it's cute. Someday maybe we'll get around to editing it so it's more watchable, but don't hold your breath for that.

ps - I need to start getting money towards a 12-hour drive in a uhaul. Anyone want any jewelry? Buy from my etsy store or have me make you something special!

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