Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a list

I'm excited about the move, even though it is still a long way off. Going from a 1st floor apartment (right next to the office) in Michigan to a house in North Carolina? Yes. Every time I have to deal with something now that I won't I NC, I get a little happier.

Here's a list:

  • snow. I won't mind going to visit snow, but when it's always there, I hate it.
  • paying for laundry in a machine that may or may not work.
  • people coming home at all hours of the night blasting their music and shining their headlights into my apartment, all the while shouting and making general ruckus.
  • people assuming that since they can see into my apartment, I must be their personal doorman. It's ok if they forgot their keys - we'll buzz them into the building.
  • not being able to find parking.
  • The sign for the handicapped spot right in front of our patio.
  • People walking next to our patio and/or windows, and letting their dog poop there.
  • same people not picking up the dog poop.
  • not having to walk my own dog and pick up his poop. (Yay for backyards!)
  • packages being delivered to the office and nobody telling me.
  • hearing our upstairs neighbors walk around, play Rock Band, and use the toilet.
  • faulty light fixtures that will never get fixed no matter how much we complain.
Ok, that's it for now. I'm sure there are more but those are the ones that really get me.


LittlePea said...

Snow. Yup. It took me about 5 minutes to figure out how overrated it was. Won't you miss your little squirrel friend? I'm sure NC will have kinds of critters for you to make friends with too.

Apartment life and Condo life are one and the same. Luckily I live on the top floor and most of my neighbors are snowbirds who are gone by Easter. Still though, I hate when I have to listen to someone else's music or tv....

Jbeeky said...

We were just talking about N.Carolina, it is supposed to a little San Francisco but with better housing.

super des said...

hmmm I do like San Francisco.

# #