Thursday, December 04, 2008


So I'm not sick any more. That's good.Thank you for all your hugs and whatnot. No I'm not pregnant, and I don't think it was the transition back to chicken. Chicken is a very mild meat, and I really haven't been eating that much of it. I think it was either a stomach bug or the pizza that was undercooked taking a bit longer to work through my system. My stress and fast-food diet probably didn't help.

So anyway.

I need a job. Not only for the money, but because I'm so damn bored. I've lost all motivation. I don't even watch movies, and we have thousands of DVDs. I don't go play WoW even though Jay has promised to buy me the expansion if I make it to level 60 by Sunday. (I'm on 57 now.) I made my first piece of jewelry today in like 3 months. (It's a very pretty bracelet, and I'll put a link up to it soon.) Point is: I know there's lots of stuff I can do, but I don't do any of it.

I keep applying to jobs, but nothin yet. So I'm on the internet ALL DAY. So just fyi, you can send me messages or whatever and we'll hang out, virtual - style. Or if for some reason you're in this area, we can hang out in person. Pardon me if I don't change out of my pajamas. biggrin


MsLittlePea said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. You probably had a stomach bug from the pizza.
I have read about the job problems in Michigan....there's just no Noah's Ark for anyone in this economy it seems. There's got to be some kind of Christmas craft fair type of event where you can maybe sell your jewelry, no? Try calling local women's clubs and churches. There's always a bunch of church bizarres sales and craft sales in my town this time of year....or gift shops where you could maybe ask for a consignment type of deal?

super des said...

all the ones I see, you have to sign up way in advance and / or pay a table fee, so it just hasn't happened yet.
But you're a smart girl.

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