Tuesday, December 02, 2008

no food for des

Can someone please tell me why I'm not allowed to eat anymore?

For the last few days, no matter what I eat, I feel sick afterwards. At first I thought it was just my poor choices in meals (sometimes you can't afford groceries but you can afford fast food). First I had some chicken parmesan pizza... and I don't think they cooked the pizza all the way, because Jay was sick too. Next day, it was raining and sleeting and snowing so we risked only the block to McD's and I got some of them there "fancy" chicken nuggets. I hated them and will never eat at McD's again. Needless to say, they made me sick. Today, I tried to eat Taco Bell. Didn't even make it through a whole burrito. Later I tried some chicken soup - the good kind! - and I thought I was fine. But no. Sick again. puke

Actually, I'm kinda lucky. I haven't been puking or anything - just ready to. But everything I eat now makes my tummy unhappy. I just want to not be sick again. I remember a time that that was possible. Good thing I have nowhere to go I guess. frown


SUEB0B said...

You are being haunted by the ghosts of chickens past.

This happened to me, too. I had about 6 weeks of low-grade stomach ache and mild nausea. I blamed it on this cheap Vietnamese vegetarian place I ate - I don't know what was in their food, but it happened, then I didn't go there for 3 months, went back and it happened again. Dunno why.

super des said...

I'm sorry chickens! 10 years of not eating you wasn't enough?

Suzanne said...

My first semester of college, I went through something like this, too. The only thing that didn't give me the shits was toast. Maybe you have some sort of stomach bug or virus or parasite from under cooked food that needs to work its way out of your system?

Whatever it is, I hope you feel better soon.

super des said...

Luckily I did not spend any time on the toilet for food coming out either end.
But maybe you're right - I know the chicken on the pizza was undercooked. Maybe it took longer for me to get through it than Jay.

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