Saturday, December 06, 2008

take that, universe!

Tonight I get to go see the Reverend Horton Heat. I'm super excited, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

You see, the universe really doesn't want me to see the Rev. When I lived in Sacramento, he came every year. And every single time I was out of town. Even if I took a spontaneous trip, I would find out too late that the Rev was in town. That happened for 6 years in a row.

When I moved to NYC, I finally got to go to a Rev show. It took some conniving and cannoodling because my xbf didn't "enjoy" going to concerts, and that was before I resigned to go to shows all by myself like a grownup, but it was an awesome time and I fell in love with the Rev all over again. Though I was a little disappointed he didn't play my favorite song "New York City Girls" even though he kept talking about how beautiful the NYC girls were. (And at the time, I was a NYC girl, so you know.)

Then I moved to MI. Conveniently enough, the Rev was coming right around Jay's bday. Since this boyfriend enjoys the Rev and enjoys going out and having fun, I bought tickets for him, myself, and one of Jay's buddies. Then right before the Rev was to play, the show was canceled. Of course it was. Luckily for me, the guys' desire to see the Rev outweighed the universe's vendetta against me, so the show was only rescheduled for 8 months later.

The 8 months have finally passed, and tonight is the night. I'm super excited. Expect a full report afterwards.

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arlenestarr said...

Yay, have lots of fun!

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