Friday, October 24, 2008

some random things

- In CA, me, Jay, my sister, and my parents had breakfast at my sister's fancy shmancy hotel. For the 5 of us, it cost $120 before tip. I had 2 scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes, and a cup of yogurt. Mine alone cost almost $30. Not counting the orange juice & coffee that is poured practically before you sit down.

- Speaking of parents, I forgot to mention that my mom did get to go to the wedding. There's a picture on flickr of us being happy that my internets chipped in. (Thanks you guys!)

- I went back to work this week. Monday was spent on a plane. Tuesday I went to work, and spent the day checking my email, playing scrabble, and various other work-appropriate activities on the internet, as they had no actual work for me to do. Wednesday was more of the same until they sent me home about 1:30. Thursday, the internet was down so I played 3 & 1/2 hours of solitaire. They had work for me to do... but it required the internet. So they sent me home at 11:30. Friday I had a tiny bit of work to do, so I stayed til 5 - paycheck time! Unfortunately, the paycheck company got so used to not sending my check out (you know, for 2 whole weeks) so they didn't send mine out today. That was pretty awesome work week.

- The car that I want was lowered in price. Man, too bad I didn't get a paycheck this week. Now I have a new old goal for saving my money. Unless some kind benefactor wants to send me a check for a down payment? Anyone? I'm taking all offers....

- ok, that's it for now. I know there was more, but well, you know.

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