Sunday, October 26, 2008


* Incidentally, that flask was my bridesmaid gift from my sister. It just so happened to match my costume. :D

I know it's not officially the big H yet, but the festivities have begun. Last night an ex-coworker had a party. "Come in costume or don't come at all" he said. Well apparently nobody else got the memo. Sure there were decorations & stuff, but *nobody* else was in costume. I had my flask full o' rum, but wanted something to mix it with. When I asked the host (who wasn't in costume either) he said "alcohol's at the party store down the street. I can't buy everyone's drinks for them." I assured him I just wanted some soda or juice or something, and he pointed me in the way of the store again. This was kind of a d-bag maneuver, especially since his last party had at least a keg.

So we decided to go to the store, since if we were gonna stick around a little while at a lame party, we might as well have some liquid encouragement. When we got to the car, Jay asked if I really wanted to come back. I said no, and we were on our way. A friend lives not too far from where we were, so we headed in that direction. Turning on to his street, we saw a group of costumed marauders heading into a bar. "That's where we're headed!" So we picked up our buddy and walked across the street to the bar.

Turns out the costumed group was part of a pub crawl, which was now at their second stop. It was $10 to join, but you still had to buy your own drinks. Paying the fee just allowed you to enter their contests & play the games and whatnot. So we enjoyed a few drinks, and when the group moved on, we followed. We had fun times & made a few new friends. After pub crawling, we met up with Kaitlyn and ate cheese fries and then went home to bed.

But anyway, that was a fun night, even though it didn't start out so.

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