Tuesday, October 21, 2008

hotel California

The funniest part of the entire trip was seeing family I hadn't seen in ages. When do I see them? As I'm preceding my sister down the aisle. Folks are shouting at me, I'm stopping to wave. Good thing it was a very laid back ceremony - so much so that the rehearsal went a little something like this:

"At some point, someone will say something, then we'll walk over there somewhere."

I thank my sister for not stressing out the bridesmaids. And for letting us wear such purdy dresses.

Rather than bore you with (more) wedding pictures, I'll give you the link to the flickr album, where you can look at all your little heart desires. There are no captions, but you'll figure it out.

I introduced Jay to California and the Pacific. Then I took some cool photos.

I still had pretty toes from the wedding the day before. Why not a picture?

And a seagull.

This was a different seagull. He had a bucket full of fixins for later.

And yes, I took a picture of someone else taking a picture.

Here's a little anecdote. There was an In N Out a mile away from our hotel. We walked up there the 1st night we were there, after waiting for my sister for her to bring her dress over. Waiting. And waiting. Mind you, we had spent the better part of the day on a plane not eating. Then Sis calls and says she won't be over after all. So we're starving as we walk this mile. It was the longest mile ever. Anyway, Jay loved the burgers, and in fact loved them so much that he ate 2 double-meats before I had even finished my 1st grilled cheese (animal style of course). Then he had a tummyache.

But In N Out was so tasty that we went there again. We had been hanging with Sis, New Brother In Law, and some friends, down at their hotel. Like In N Out, their fancy pants hotel was also only a mile away from us. However, it was in the other direction. We had already walked a lot that day, so NBiL gave us cab fare. We figured, eh, it's only another mile - we'll take the cab up to get a burger then swing back to our hotel. Sure, there were a few minutes the cab had to wait while we got our food, but it was only a coupla miles. How much could it cost? Twenty three dollars, that's how much. I mean the food was tasty, but dayum. (Don't worry, I gave NBiL his money back the next day cuz I'm fair like that.)

Then the airport went all crazy security on me and wouldn't let me take my yogurt inside. I forgot I had it until too late, so I didn't eat it on the way. Then the person went through every single pocket in my bag until she found the offending bomb - er, yogurt. I could've eaten it real quick-like before leaving the security area, but they were having none of that. She didn't even let me keep the bag the yogurt was in. I had to take my muffin out and hold it in my hand. That was sad, but it was the biggest hangup of the whole trip, so I can't really complain. There will be other yogurts.

As you can see, it was a wonderfully fantabulous trip. Made me a little bitter to come back to Michigan, where it was less than 50 degrees today.


flutter said...

what a great trip and BEAUTIFUL wedding!

Suzanne said...

Glad that it was a good trip.

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