Thursday, October 30, 2008

f*ck work

So here's the scoop, for those of you not in the know. The beginning of this month, I got laid off. 2 weeks later, I was asked back but they didn't actually have any work for me to do so I worked about 20 hours instead of 40. This week, I didn't go in at all because "the internet was down" (which may have been a lie). And, my paycheck was not only 4 days late, but it bounced. Again. So I've made the official decision that I'm not going back to that job. I have not yet signed any papers or anything, but I will.

I was depending on unemployment checks to supplement supply completely my income for this month, and I've just found out that my timing was bad and I didn't make enough money in the second quarter of 2008 to qualify, or something. So that's pretty cool. I wasn't planning on paying rent or anything else this month anyway. Nevermind that I was starting to get my hopes up about buying a car again.

Update: I just submitted my resume to a new store in the cool mall near my house, and within half an hour, got a call for an interview. So wish me luck in all of life's endeavors.


mar said...

s got laid off not quite 2 weeks ago & apparently he can't get unemployment yet either because he was hired after july 30 & he's not even recorded on the big companies' books because they haven't submitted their 3rd quarter reports yet. um, yay?

super des said...

Yeah, apparently June was the last month of the quarter, and that is when I started working. So the pittance I made during that month doesn't count.

Why is there a minimum anyway?

Count Mockula said...

Gah, what suckage! I'm so sorry.

flutter said...

good luck babe!

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