Saturday, September 13, 2008

more fun at the bank

I guess the bank is my new post office. In reality, I'd rather duel with the PO, because the bank controls my money and I need money for everything.

So I did my normal Friday thing: stop at the gas station en route from work to the bank. The bank is open til 6 on Fridays, which I think is such a good idea. At the gas station, my ATM card was declined. Makes sense, because I never got a chance to deposit the check to rectify it the day before. No prob, I thought. I'll get gas after making my deposit today.

But then I got to the bank. My normal girl, Lindsay - the BFF at the bank - wasn't there so I made a sad face. Had I only known the sad face would be so insufficient... I coulda gone to another branch. But then I wouldn't have a story for you today.

Here's the conversation:

me: Hi! I need to make a deposit! (I get out 3 checks.)
not BFF: ok, I can take care of you. (type type type, then frown frown frown - I'm sure because she saw the negative $500 balance.)
me: Will these clear tonight? I need to get gas.
not BFF: No, they won't be in your account until at least midnight tonight, and then tomorrow is Saturday, so they might not clear until the next business day, Monday.
me: Really? Because I make the same deposit every week, and I've never had a problem before. In fact, I was told that as long as I came in & talked to a person instead of using the ATM they would be in my account immediately. That's why I come in every week.
not BFF (suddenly Super Bitch): Actually, I'm not even supposed to be cashing these. They're all dated for tomorrow. You can't even deposit them today.
me: Actually only one of them is dated for tomorrow, and it's the same check I deposit every week without incident. You just said that they won't clear today anyway. But one of the checks is dated yesterday and one is dated today. So you can definitely deposit those.
not BFF: (sigh) Fine. I'll do it today, but next time you'll have to wait.
me: Then just deposit the other two.
not BFF: I'll do it just this once, but I'm not supposed to be doing this.

Then I took my reciept, crumpled it up, and threw it on the ground as I stormed out the door and called her a bitch.

When I got home, there was no record of the deposit I'd just made. (Normally my bank is instant like that.) I was gonna have to kill some folks if they didn't go through. This morning however, of the checks have cleared. Not surprisingly? the one that was dated for today hasn't gone through yet. Neat. Thanks Super Bank Bitch.

ps - the AIDS Walk is next week and I haven't met my goal yet! Please go donate!!!


MsLittlePea said...

Banking online sounds really delicious right about now....

Jbeeky said...

Complete and total..betch.

super des said...

If I didn't have to somehow get my money *into* the bank, I would nwver deal with another bank teller as long as I lived.

Alex Elliot said...

Wow! Next time you see BFF I would tell her about this. Do you have a scanner? If you do, you can do on-line banking and scan in your checks.

super des said...

well, the problem with telling BFF is that BFF sits about 6 feet away from not BFF....

mdog said...

your boss really needs to set up direct deposit. there are some fees involved [on the employer end], but totally worth the magic. i think you should casually ask him about it. :D

super des said...

I actually asked about it when I started, as this is the 1st job I've ever had where I had to tank my check to the bank. I think they are moving in that direction. (I told them this story as proof we needed it.)

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