Thursday, September 18, 2008

I hate you America!

No, this is not a political rant. You know me well enough to know that I don't touch politics with a 10-foot poo stick. (I probably wouldn't touch a 10-ft poo stick even if the politics weren't involved, but still.)

No, I'm talking about America's Got Talent. I started watching this a while back, and have rooted for my faves since then. When America got control of the decision of which potential stars moved on, I had to have a little faith. I mean, talent is talent. It's obvious who has it and who's a big fat lame-o.

Well I just watched the announcement of the top 5 and America, you have let me down. I do love Nuttin But Stringz, and they've moved on, so that's good. But the boring opera guy beat out Frank Sinatra? The fat opera guy beat out the little girl? Come on, I know she's not the best singer in the world, but she's 4 freakin years old and oh so adorable. Then it was Eli vs. Jessica. I love both of them, so I knew I wouldn't be happy with whatever result came. Both are great. Both are hotties. Both are incredibly talented. But only one of them is from MI. And guess which one went home? Poor adorable Jessica.

So America, you're telling me that 2 boring opera guys are better than this sweet Midwestern girl? No! No no no no no. Bad America. And America, how many of you are actually going to go see Boring Opera Guy's big show in Vegas (if it comes to that)? I won't, that's for darn sure. But I would totally go see my new crush Jessica. (ps - Jessica, if you're reading this, come back to MI and do some shows in the Metroit area. We'll totally hang out and have ever so much fun.)

So that's why I hate you, America.

Oh, and I'm still not a car owner, so I kind of hate you for that too. But mostly because of your poor choices on a tv show.


mdog said...

"metroit." i love it.

Alex Elliot said...

I meant to watch that show, but it just never happened. I do like watching So You Think You Can Dance and wondered what America was thinking a good amount of the time.

super des said...

Same type of thing. Though I never watched Dance. A girl can only take so much!

MsLittlePea said...

I watched that show first season for like 5 minutes I think. I had to stop watching when they raved over that guy that snapped his fingers to music.

super des said...

I never watched it until now. I blame Jay. He's corrupted me with this so called "tv watching."

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