Thursday, August 07, 2008

horrible phone call of the day

Lately for work I've been making phone calls to increase our business. I've had a few rude people, a few stupids, but generally everyone's been ok. Until today, which was incidentally the last day of making calls.

I call a number, let it ring for a while, and hang up.
Then I move on to the next numbers in my list. During one of the brief interludes while the phone is in the cradle, it rings. It's always startling, because I've move the phone right onto my desk, about 3 inches away from my face. (I've turned the ringer down, but still.) I answer, and the conversation goes like this, with the ALL CAPS indicating the yelling:

me: Hot Rod Shop.
this guy: Who is this?
me: Hot Rod Shop?
me: What is what about?
this guy: WHY DID YOU CALL ME?
me: I don't know who this is.
(note - the phone does have caller ID, but this guy called me from a different number.)
this guy: This is MARSHALL!
me, looking at my list: From Marshall's Motors?
this guy, whose name is apparently MARSHALL!: ...yes.
me: Oh, well the reason I was calling is blah blah blah.
MARSHALL!: Oh, well the owner isn't here. You have to talk to him.
me: Really? Because you're name is MARSHALL, and you're calling from Marshall's Motors.
MARSHALL!: *click*

I went & relayed the conversation to my boss, who had heard my half of the conversation and asked for the phone. (Another great thing about my boss is that he don't let nobody give me no guff.) He then wrote down that guy's information and said "well, even if he wanted our business, we wouldn't give it to him. He doesn't need to talk to you like that." I agreed, and decided that at least it makes a good story for the internets.


Count Mockula said...

Bahahaha! I'm MARSHALL. But not that Marshall. No, I'm... the maid.

followthatdog said...

Great boss. Strange guy. Awesome story to keep me entertained. Thanks for all of it!

super des said...

It's not like I was selling something.. I was gonna send him a 1-page fax.
Other people who didn't own shops would talk to me!

Suzanne said...

Your boss is the shit. :)

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