Wednesday, August 06, 2008

wazzup wit des

All my life I've complained about having jobs. I've worked too hard and picked up the slack for too many idiots and been too under-appreciated. I've had jobs where I cried at night from the stress and lost the use of my hand for 3 months from overwork. I've had jobs that were so worthless that my "one" job had previously taken 4 people to do (and I still had time to blog every day!). I've had jobs where I wasn't allowed to go on vacation because all production would screech to a halt without me - yet my paycheck did not reflect this one bit.

That all ended when I moved to Michigan and was unemployed for 4 months. I now have a job where this is absolutely not the case. I can't go into details, but the owners have stuck their necks out to ensure that I stick around & keep up the good work. I enjoy my job immensely. I get along with my coworkers superbly, and I can forsee myself working here for a very long time. The only reason I would leave is if I moved from the area, and even that would give me great pause.

Which explains why you haven't heard from me much: nothing to complain about. Most of my day is filled with actual work, instead of blogs and boredom and games (though I still do play scrabulous). I am still recovering money-wise from my time living in NYC and amongst the unemployed, though that's one of those things my employer is changing. So, um. Sorry?

In other news, tonight Jay and I went to Dave & Busters, which is one of my favorite places ever. The whole "no money" thing had kept us away for a while, but then they sent us.... coupons! So fun was to be had. Remember how I'm the jumproping queen? Yeah, well I guess D&B's had taken note of how often & how easily I beat that thing & took all their tickets, so they changed the game and made it harder. In addition to making the mat more sensitive, they also taped up a sign that says "shoes must be worn at all times" right on the main screen of the game. And, today I was wearing my trusty rainbow flip flops. I stepped onto the mat and... lost. On the very first jump. I wanted to cry a little.

So after my temporary setback, we played some more games then trudged back to my new arch nemesis. Jason tried it a coupla times unsuccessfully, and I resolved to beat that jerky machine. And then I did. We hadn't played the triple jackpot, so I only won 1/3 of my normal ticket avalanche, but I had beaten the newly fanagled setup. Jay asked if I wanted to do it again, but I declined because the new setup required extra big jumps which, when paired with my flip flops, resulted in des being winded with sore ankles. But I felt that no reconfiguring of the game could keep me down.

We've been keeping our tickets for some time, so we ventured over to redeem them. We had a lot of tickets. We got ourselves a fancy blender, a Nintendo DS game (BrainAge), and a tiny purple strecthy frog, which cost less than a pittance but is cute. Add that to the orange monkey that Jay won in the claw game, and we drew quite the envious stares and oohs and aahs with our haul. I never knew that a blender could make people so jealous, but tonight I saw that it can.

So that's where I am in life. Sorry I haven't been writing more, but you know. Happy.


flutter said...

happy is good.

Suzanne said...

I so love reading about someone who is happy! yay!

MsLittlePea said...

Happy happy joy joy Des. That's good.

Sorry about the jump rope thing though...those jerks.

super des said...

Thanks guys!
And don't worry Pea, I taught them a machine a lesson!

mar said...

yay for job love & yay blender!

followthatdog said...

So glad the job is good! I've been missing you on twitter.

super des said...

I know, my twitterings have been really lacking. Sorry.

Jbeeky said...

I am a rainbow flip flop freak as well. I would wear them to my prom is I wasn't 38. What kind of blender?

super des said...

Blender: Hamilton Beach "wave power."

It's brand I've heard of & everything, though it is no Osterizer.

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