Thursday, June 26, 2008

Super Amazing Squirrel Video

I've mentioned this squirrel before. His name is Griswold and he is Jason's pet (and Mecru's enemy). Jay's been feeding him peanuts for a while and G recognizes his face now and comes a'runnin.

You can hear at the end where I kinda start to freak out because I still have that whole completely rational fear of a squirrel eating my face. But it was very cute, and he opens those pistachios like a champ.

(The whole time, Mecrutio was sitting there ready to pounce, but too afraid to actually do it.)


flutter said...

hey let me know when you get your package....

super des said...

I actually got it today (well, yesterday, now) but haven't gotten a chance to tell you.

Let's stay on topic please.

Sullivan said...

Hey Des,

Thanks for your comment. I added a new post just for you! :)


Sullivan said...

By the way,

Cute little quirrel! My mom is nicknamed "Snow White" because she attracts animals to her, and she's got a little squirrel she feeds daily as well.

The kicker: her little squirrel visited me on Monday while i was working from home, and his teeth were red. I freaked. I had hung out my dad's pants on the clothes line try dry, and Mr. Squirrel was tight rope walking on it. So i went to take the pants off the hanger, so that they wouldn't fall in case Mr. Squirrel's trapese tricks were too unstable for the hanger. But when i got closer to the pants, he prepared to pounce on me. So, terrified for my life, i called my baby sister to get the pants for me and shoo him away.

Red teeth! Don't judge me! :) haha


super des said...

I would have run away, especially if he was in a position to jump on my head and use those red teeth on my face!

Suzanne said...

Squirrels are so cute. I used to give one graham crackers when I lived with my parents. Except that it turned out that the one squirrel I fed was actually three and they all showed up one day at the same time.

super des said...

Luckily I know this is just one squirrel. Other ones come around occasionally, but they run away when they see me or Jay. This guy walks right up to us.

# #