Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's good to be right

The steering wheel in my sweet ride started groaning:
Time to add more power steering fluid! Hmm... what's this puddle? Didn't I just add fluid?

That went on for a little while until it got to the point where I was adding fluid every single time I got in the car, including to & from home / work at lunch, which involves very few turns. So we had to take it in. Here is the point where you say, "but des, don't you work in an auto shop?" Yes. Yes I do. But I had just started working there and figured they had a bunch of other (paying) cars that were of more importance, than you know, me getting to work.*

So we took it into a shop. (Jason knows a guy. Actually, he knows his mom.) And while the car was being worked on, I was carless at work. Since there are only 10 of us that work there, my lack of car in the lot (and me in the break room for lunch) tipped everyone off to the fact that the Olds was broken. "Why didn't you bring it here? You work in an auto shop!" My boss actually kinda yelled at me. I apologized.

They replaced the steering rack, we paid lotsa money, and when we got the car back, all was well... for about 16 hours - most of which were while we were sleeping. On my way home from work, there was no power steering fluid left. At all. We did the whole refilling / puddle observing thing again for a coupla days, then finally had the guys at work check it out. They cleaned everything off with a power washer, and told me the leak was not the (brand new) rack, it was the pressure sensor switch, which is directly above the rack.

So we took the car back in to the shop, with the purpose of either a) getting it fixed - actually fixed - for no more additional money or, b) getting that money back. I used my smart cookie powers to repeat what I had been told. "It might be the pressure sensor switch, or the seal between them" I said to the grease monkeys that were previously speaking only to Jason because he's the boy it's his car. I felt like they kinda brushed me off, but when the guys called him to report they said "your girlfriend was right; it was the pressure sensor." They fixed that for free, and threw in a coupla other things because they felt bad. So that was good. I wish we hadn't had to pay so much money, but at least the car works now.

And even though I was just playing parrot and spouting what I'd heard, I got all warm and fuzzy when the mechanic guys admitted that "your girlfriend was right." I'm the girlfriend there. And I was right.

ps - I am picking up some tricks of the trade, so I'm not a total ignoramus.

* It turns out that me getting to work is more important than those expensive pretty cars out in the shop, btw.

oh yeah, and this is post #998, which means that in 2 posts I will have hit 1000!!!!


arlenestarr said...

Way to go des!

Do we get to see some pictures you have taken at work for post number 1000?

Congrats in advance.

super des said...

I dunno yet. Prob no work pictures, but I will have to do something exciting, no?

# #