Saturday, June 07, 2008

it's been one week

So I've been at my super new job for a full week now. You can tell by the phrase "super new job" that I am super enjoying it still. des is happy when she comes home from work. I feel like an old* fuddy duddy though because sometimes (younger) New Neighbor Friends start hang-out time at 10pm, and that's when I begin to think about starting to get ready for bed. But they don't wake up at 6:30 in the morning. Oh well.

And, I even got a paycheck yesterday. Wow! Boss asked how I liked it so far, and I said "keep those checks coming, and I'll keep doing my work." This is true. Speaking of doing my work, here's an anecdote. You can decide later if it's humorous or not.

Because of the type of business I'm in (doesn't that sound shady?) we generally only have a coupla customers at any given time. So when we're working on a car, we get to know the guy (and yes, it's so far been only men) that owns it. So there's this one guy who calls. Eighteen times a day. Sometimes, seriously, just to chat with me. He's not rude or anything, he just figures that since he's spending an excess amount of money with us, he has a right to talk to us. Anyway so the other day, this guy was actually in the shop. He came in the office (where me and the air conditioning live) and saw me using my computer. So he saunters over.
"What are you doing?"
I wanted to say, um, working? but that whole "be nice to the customers" thing made me say something else.
"I'm doing research to find the most cost effective parts for us to buy and use on the cars."
"But not on my car, right?"
"Well these aren't for your car. I actually already finished looking up the 73 necessary parts for your car. This is for someone else now. I managed to find lots of great deals, so we can pass the savings on to you!"
*pause, as he realizes what my job is and how it benefits him*
"Oh, well thank you."

I hadn't stopped actually working during this conversation. I was being polite, but trying to send the signal that I was busy enough to not chat. He did get the hint, and wandered back to the land of Narnia.

But so, yeah. I like my job. It's good stuff, interesting work, AND I get a paycheck every week. Sweet.

*Not to mention that my birthday is in a week from today!

ps - sorry I haven't been up to my normal internet usage lately. I come home from work, watch my tivo, then go to bed. Gimme some time to acclimate, and I'll be back to reading / writing / commenting / playing games / whatever soon enough.


Arlene said...

Congrats on week one. Glad it is going well for you.

Suebob said...

I'm glad you like the job. It does sound cool. Though after about the 5th phone call from the guy in one day I might get a short with him. That's just the kinda person I am.

super des said...

I was a little irritated that we came to the "voice recognition" stage. But if it wasn't him calling, it was an automated telemarketer. So I'd rather be interrupted by an actual person.

mar said...

yay for one week! hope it continues to live up to expectations.
now for me to find a job i enjoy... (or just finish the editing process, so i can have a writerly acquaintance rip my work to shreds-almost as exciting)

super des said...

well your thing will be more stressful (I'm guessing).

Average Jane said...

Your job does sound cool.

I like the idea of a combined 3-week long b-day celebration. Maybe I'll take a 4th week, just 'cause I'm so old. ;)

super des said...

Um, then we should totally be starting the celebration today!

And Arlene, I just realized I did not respond to you.

flutter said...

Sounds like you are getting in good. Good!

I got the necklace btw and it is lovely, thank you

MsLittlePea said...

He totally has a crush on you Des.

super des said...

I totally made a point to flash my ring when he came in.

Anonymous said...

congrats on being gainfully employed again and loving it!

Suzanne said...

No apologies necessary! I'm glad that the job is going well and keeping you interested.

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