Thursday, June 05, 2008

hot preview of action figure des

One of the surveys I was reading (but not doing anywhere except in my head) had a question that said "If there was an action figure of you, what things would it say?" and I thought it was interesting. So I've devoted a whole blog to it. Because as we all know, I often say interesting things.

1. There's a Simpsons episode where... Yes, I have 8 seasons of this show on DVD. And whenever I say I have something on DVD, that means that I have every line of every episode memorized. I used to run with a bad crowd, and our conversations consisted mostly of Simpsons quotes. Old habits die hard, and so even though these Michiganders are familiar with the show, they might not have them down to a precise science like I do. Because of this, I am often heard to say the above quote. Some people can relate Seinfeld to any situation. I can do that with the Simpsons. It's an "S" thing I guess.

2. Why? And not in a "mommy, why is the sky blue" kind of way. I mean "you're on the freeway yet you're braking. Why?" kind of way. This is often something I say to myself on the way to or from work, because even in my 10 minute commute I hit stupid traffic. I also say it if Jayson pokes me in the ribs or something. Why? Why would you torture me so? I say it other times too. It's a very useful word. Oh yeah, and usually it's a yell. WHY? AAAaarg!

3. I know. Sometimes in the Craig Ferg way "I know!" and sometimes in a robotic know it all way with a shrug of the shoulders and a tiny nod. People often tell me things that I already know, either because they are underestimating me (because we've never met) or they don't realize that I already have a stored vat of useless trivia and they are trying to impress me. I appreciate the effort, so I try not to be bitchy. It's the ones that don't get the subtle hint of "I know" that make me turn into Bitchdes.

So like, feel free to do this little activity too. Take a few days to listen to yourself. And then tell me about it.

ps - This is post #991. It is very possible that I will forget when I hit #1000, so let's celebrate that milestone now, shall we?


mdog said...

WHYYYYY is also a popular one with mdog.

Karl said...

Hmm, good one. I may have to try this.

Sudiegirl said...


Congrats on so many posts...and still going strong.

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