Monday, June 02, 2008

great first impressions

How was my first day of my new job? Great! I walked in and I don't have a computer. Or a desk. So I get to spend my day between wandering around and talking to people and working on the boss' computer.

When I started my task for the day - that's right, task, in the singular - the boss left to go buy me those necessary things. As soon as he left, his computer (remember, the one I was using) decided to break. Both the wireless mouse and the wireless keyboard decided not to communicate with the pc. Not only was my document going untyped, but the computer went into sleep mode and there was no way to revive it. Eventually that problem was fixed when the boss came back. So then the next step was to print.

That's right, print. 15 copies of a 17-page document. What could go wrong? Maybe I could run out of paper. And then have to go find the boss and ask for another ream. Then, the new paper could jam the printer and I have to go find the boss again* to find out how to open up his printer. Then I could run out of ink, so the boss has to actually run to the store and buy more.

I spent a lot of time bugging the boss. True, none of it was actually my fault. But I didn't feel super about my first day.

(ok, actually, aside from the mishaps, it was an awesome first day. Everyone was really nice-like, inviting me to lunch in the break room several times and talking to me like I was already one of the gang. It's an awesome company and I'm sure you'll hear much more about it soon.)

* at this point there is ink on my hands. That's how you know I have a job, btw.


arlenestarr said...

Sounds like a typical first day.

Way to go Des!

mar said...

congrats on surviving the first day!

Suzanne said...

Good times. I'm glad the people were cool. A few years ago, I decided 95% of my job satisfaction was derived from liking the people I worked with.

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