Thursday, May 29, 2008

You had to be there

First, watch this video. Actually, you only have to watch the first few seconds of it to be relevant to this blog post, but it's all funny.

So we are always singing the tune "What did we learn on the show tonight, Craig?" complete with the little merow at the end. And now that we have a tivo (because we are 5 years behind the times) we get to watch Craig Ferguson any time of the day we want. Actually, Craig played a great part in the decision to get a tivo because now that I'm back in the working world (starting Monday) I can't stay up so late anymore. BUT I digress.

So we were preparing to watch Craig at 6 in the evening rather than 12:30am. Mecrutio and I were standing in the doorway enjoying the sun, and Jay started the song. Then before I got a chance to do the merow, Mecru chimed in and did it for me. Granted, Mecru is not a tiny kitten anymore, so his merow was a tiny bit deeper and longer, but it was timed and toned perfectly.

It made me laugh so hard I cried, which in turn made Jay laugh, and meanwhile Mecrutio was utterly confused.

But yeah, you probably had to be there.

ps - the day before my birthday (which is this year a Friday the 13th!) Jay and I are going to see Craig live. I plan on laughing so hard I cry, and then telling all the internets about it a few days later.


flutter said...

see now THAT is a badass cat

MsLittlePea said...

Hit us up with a picture of MrCat Des.

super des said...

Pea, I'll do that. good idea.

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