Tuesday, May 06, 2008

crap faire

Several weeks ago, a flier appeared on the door to my apartment building advertising a craft / bake sale in the office, which is across the parking lot, about 40 feet away from my patio. When I first saw the paper sign taped up, the thought briefly entered my mind that I should sell my crap there. (By crap, I of course mean that jewelry I make.) Just as quickly, the thought left my brain never to return, even while ignoring the still-taped flier day in and day out.

Then yesterday, all these cars pulled up in front of the office (and thus, in front of my apartment). Even trucks and vans with company logos on them. It took us a second to realize that this was the fabled craft faire we'd heard so much about. We finished up whatever we were doing, no rush, and wandered the 40 feet to see what was the dillio.

The booth right next to the door was filled with some sort of hideous cardstock picture frames, with lettered beads glued onto them. Pass. There were several unimpressive jewelry booths. Not that they didn't have nice stuff, but as one who makes jewelry, I wouldn't have bought any of it. And I didn't. Then some lady ejaculated (!) that she loves my shoulder tattoo. This is perfectly normal, as I have random people in bars taking pictures of it and am always getting compliments on it. I smile and say thanks like the polite little girl I am. Then: "let me sign you up to win some free hand lotion from Mary Kay." I gave a long (valid) excuse involving sensitive skin, she tries to convince me that I still want horrible lotion, which I don't, so I walk away.

Pause: Craft faire? Since when is me helping someone get a horrible pink cadillac a craft? And the booth next to it was Cookie Lee, which is the ugly mass-marketed jewelry version of Mary Kay. So another non-craft. As for the "bake" part of the craft / bake sale, there was one booth selling baked goods. Even though I was hungry, I didn't look at it. Dismayed Satisfied, we made the long trek back home.

It worked out that I did not provide my services as an artiste. It was mostly a retirement-community crowd there buying things, and I have been told by potential mothers in law that my jewelry is "too young." But like everything, it made for a (semi) interesting story.

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MsLittlePea said...

(I just clicked on your Etsy shopsite and everything looks good Des. I'm jealous because I've been shopping around for a jewelry making class since forever) I just got hassled by a neighbor of mine wanting me to buy some ridiculously overpriced Mary Kay stuff this week. I don't have anything against Mary Kay, but dammit don't hit me up with the line,"Hey, I can tell you wear high quality makeup, you should come over cuz' I have a few things you might want," when I wear makeup like once a month....

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