Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Link! Only you can save Hyrule!

Ok, I realize that this post will have very limited audience appeal (unlike the rest of my stuff, like talking about my day at the zoo or whatever). BUT I've just been alerted to the existence of a Legend of Zelda movie. This thrills me to no end.

That's right, I'm a hardcore Zelda nerd. The original Zelda game on the NES remains one of my favorite video games in the entire universe. Every so often, I set aside a coupla hours and play it. Yeah, I can easily beat the game in one sitting.

Zelda is always the first game I buy with any new* console I get. I have it on NES, SNES, N64 (2 different games) and DS. Someday I'll get a Wii and I'll have Zelda on that too. Zelda 2 for the NES doesn't count because it's a completely different game than the other Zeldas, and it was so hard that I had to throw my controller at the tv and never play it again. And I haven't exactly "beaten" the games on N64 because my tv broke once while fighting a boss and I just never started it again. Then the second one comes right after that story-wise, so I never picked that one up either.

I have a Zelda wristband. I used to wear it at work before they said I didn't have to hide the roses on my wrist. I'm actually considering getting the triforce tattooed on me. That's right, I am a Zelda nerd and proud of it.

So when Jay was watching the above Linked-to video, I was only half paying attention. But then when someone yelled out the name Link, and I caught the name Hyrule, I perked up and dropped my 7-layer burrito, transfixed on this new wonderment. There's only one thing that uses both those words. That's right, one year from today, there will be a Zelda movie. Yes, I know that most movies based on video games are shall we say, um, awful. But this is more than a video game. It's a way of life.

And now I thin I'm going to hook up my N64 and get my fix.

* "New" generally means several years out on the market. The only videogame system I've purchased new new in the last 15+/- years is the DS. And yes, first thing I did was beat the Zelda.


Valerie said...

I still get the theme song stuck in my head. But the only time I ever beat it, I was using one of the code cheat things. So, basically I suck.

Thanks for the heads up on the movie. My son was ecstatic to hear about it.

super des said...

I think it was an elaborate (and mean!) April Fools joke.

might I add...? said...

Seriously? I was so excited. I haven't been to a movie since before the baby was born. I was so there. I watched the trailer, and I was all like "sign me up." I loved Zelda... yes, I was a Zelda nerd, too.

The making of the trailer video is taking a long time to load, however, so I'm thinking this is what makes you think it's an April Fool's joke, considering who makes a trailer for the making of a trailer? Maybe for the making of the movie, but not the making of the trailer.

It's an awful lot of work to do just for a joke, though. (Sad face.) Man, I used to love that music....

super des said...

Ooh! I like your logic. I didn't even try to load the making of video, but I was like "this is so much work for a joke" so I never really gave up.

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