Tuesday, April 08, 2008

damn girl brain

Why are girls so stupid? I just made up with one of my BFFs whom I was apparently fighting with. Problem is, because we are girls, we weren't actively fighting. Circumstances and miscommunications led us to stop talking. Therefore, we each just assumed that the other one was mad at us and figured we had lost a friend.

Why didn't we make an effort to rectify the situation? Why did it take so many months to realize that we are both idiots? Part of the reason is that we live 2000 miles apart, but there are such thing as email and phones.

Maybe it's because we are so close. But maybe it's because we are emotional girls so our brains are hard-wired in a stupid way. It even tricked my logical robot brain, because I figured since I had moved away then she had moved on and gone back to having friends that she could actually hang out with. Looking back, that wasn't logical at all. Looking back, I should have called or emailed her. I have all this unemployment time, WTF else am I gonna do except call my friends.

to all the girls I've loved before. Sorry, I became a swooner for a minute. To all my friends that I've moved away from and haven't contacted in a while, I apologize. I'm not mad at you. If I was, I would tell you. I'm just really bad at initiating friendship-preserving. When you are too, it's a bad combo. So don't be surprised if we don't talk for 2 years and suddenly you're invited to my wedding.* I still love you.

* I don't actually have a wedding planned to invite you to right now, but when I do, you'll be the first to know.

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